I think the reality is hitting many Americans: this is the new normal, we are in it for awhile. There is a lot of anxiety(for good reason), and visits to psychotherapists are increased, as is medicine for anxiety and depression. Kids are affected, with each child being unique as to how they handle it. Different ages are affected differently. There is quite a bit written already on speaking to children/adolescents about COVID, how each age group views this thru a different lens etc etc.
The uncertainty of it all contributes to a feeling of unease. Who knows what will happen. I do think it is important to pick up the exercise(there was a study during the Hong Kong flu: exercises did better in various ways). Seeing(televisit) a therapist is very helpful. This is an isolating time. Many people who are more introverted, or happy to be alone, have been OK at home. For more extroverted people, it is a very tough time. Life is simpler, with nowhere to go except Walgreens, grocery stores, and a few others. I do fear that “opening up” will lead to much more infection(that is for sure). It will take a year or so to get to: 1. herd immunity(need 60% at least), and/or 2. a vaccine. Neither of these is a sure thing. There are many unanswered questions regarding immunity: who, how long, how much?? also, a vaccine that works, that does not wear out, that is safe, is not a sure thing by any means. We will need to get a bit lucky. There are 80+ groups working on one, which is encouraging. Several groups have been working on coronavirus for 5+ years, so they are ahead…
I have been trying to figure out how to get medicines to our neurology/psychiatry clinic in Honduras. I tried to go, but there are 2 problems: 1. they may quarantine me(not good), or 2. flights out are cancelled and you are in Honduras, no way to get out(also not good). So, we are going to try DHL. The Honduran authorities often held up meds at customs, even if they are donations. They want taxes etc. there is a lot of paperwork.
I am officially on staff at an inner city hospital, as a volunteer; I may just teach the residents and students, or may see some patients. I am starting to do tele visits thru a wonderful (mostly free) local health clinic(Fenix), which serves a 99% poor Hispanic population. I can practice my crummy Spanish.
It is a tough time all around. Very much fear in the air. Things will get better, but we are settling down for the long haul. Larry R. adios……

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