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Obesity in the Pediatric Headache Population: A Multi-Center
Hershey AD, Kabbouche MA, et al.
Posted: June 2007  
Abstract presented at American Headache Society Meeting
June 7-11, 2007, Chicago, IL
Headache 2007;47:746

Objectives:   To assess the effect of weight loss on the association between pediatric obesity and headache in those children who are at risk or are obese.

Background:   The prevalence of obesity in the United States is increasing in both adults and children. Adult studies have shown a correlation between obesity and headache. Previously the Pediatric-Adolescent Section demonstrated a trend of obesity with increased headache frequency and disability.

Methods:   913 consecutive patients at 7 centers were evaluated and 19.6% were found to be obese. As part of routine headache care, nutritional impact on headaches including weight control was discussed with all patients. Subsequent follow-up information was obtained from 213 patients at 3 months and 174 patients at 6 months from 4 centers

Conclusions:   Obesity occurs at a higher rate in children presenting to tertiary pediatric headache center compared with the general population. In those at risk or obese children that were able to reduce their body mass index percentile, there was a greater degree of improvement in headache frequency and disability.