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For more than 25 years, headache sufferers in the Chicago area have found relief from their pain, thanks to our cutting-edge treatment based on the latest advancements in the field. Dr. Larry Robbins, M.D., and Nurse Practitioner Brooke Phenicie, NP-C, use a comprehensive combination of remedies for migraines, tension headaches and cluster headaches. To start your individualized treatment plan, call and make an appointment.

2610 Lake Cook Road, Suite 160 Riverwoods, IL 60015 847.374.9399


Treatment of headache at all ages. Hundreds of clinical tips/pearls. What to do when nothing works. Psychological conditions that often accompany severe headaches. Cutting edge medications and non-medicine approaches.” Hailed as “…the #1 resource for what to do for those with very difficult to treat headaches“….

COVID-19 advice from Dr. R.

COVID-19 advice: If you do get symptoms, it is important to expand your lungs. You can use a blow-up pool toy, and blow it up 4 times a day(or more); or remember to breathe deeply a # of times regularly throughout the day. The reason for this: the devastating...

“Stop Touching Your Face!” from The New York Times

“Stop Touching Your Face!” from The New York Times

It’s a quirk of human nature that we touch our eyes, noses and mouths all day long. It’s also a major way we pick up infections like coronavirus. Want to improve your chance of staying healthy? Stop touching your face! One of the more difficult challenges in public...

“Migraine: A History” from

“Migraine: A History” from

In the book "Migraine: A History" (Johns Hopkins University Press), medical historian Katherine Foxhall writes of a disabling disease that has been documented going back thousands of years, though the causes of this neurological disorder are still unclear. Symptoms...

“Anxious About the News?” from Medical News Today

“Anxious About the News?” from Medical News Today

Reading the news can be stress-inducing at the best of times. When the news is particularly worrying, many of us experience levels of anxiety so high that we can have difficulty coping. So how can we stay (reasonably) anxiety-free when the media bombards us with...

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