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Prognosis of Migraine Headaches in
Adolescents: A 10-year follow-up study
Camarda C, Pipia C, Camarda R.
Posted: May 2007  
Neurology 2006;67:1353-1356

Objective:   To determine the long-term outcome of migraine headaches in adolescents and to identify possible predictors of prognosis.

Methods:   Fifty-five of 80 subjects with migraine headaches (ages 11 to 14 years), who attended the baseline examination of a population-based study conducted in Italy in 1989 were eligible for follow-up in 1999. All interviews and examinations were conducted by neurologists, and migraine diagnoses were based on the International Headache Society criteria. The association between possible prognostic factors and the long-term persistence of migraine headaches was explored using logistic regression analysis.

Conclusions:   Migraine headaches in adolescents have a favorable long-term prognosis. Familial disposition for migraine predicted a poorer outcome, especially in subjects with migraine without aura.