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Sumatriptan Plus Metoclopramide in
Triptan-Nonresponsive Migraineurs
Schulman EA, Dermott KF
Posted: November 2003  
Headache 2003;43:729-733

Objectives:   We evaluated the effectiveness of combination treatment using sumatriptan plus metoclopramide versus sumatriptan alone for the treatment of acute migraine. The patients who were treated had failed to respond to triptans in the past despite adequate doses on at least 2 separate trials of the same triptan or 2 trials involving different triptans.

Conclusions:   Combining sumatriptan with metoclopramide provided relief in some migraineurs who failed to achieve adequate relief with a triptan alone. It remains unknown whether initiating therapy when pain was mild or using a higher dose of sumatriptan (i.e. 100 mg.) would have provided additional benefit. Further studies are indicated.