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Treatment of Primary Headache Disorders with
Intravenous Valproate: Initial Outpatient Experience
Stillman MJ; Zajac D; Rybicki LA
Posted: April 2004  
Headache 2004;44:65-69

Objective:   To evaluate the effectiveness of intravenous valproate in managing moderate to severe headaches.

Background:   Despite major strides in the understanding of primary headache disorders, there have been few additions to acute headache management other than introduction of the triptans. An intravenous antiepileptic preparation, sodium valproate, has been reported to be effective in the management of status epilepticus and acute headache.

Conclusions:   Intravenous valproate is a safe, rapidly effective, abortive headache agent. It appears to be an effective analgesic for identifiable primary headaches, especially episodic headache, and less effective for unclassifiable chronic headache. Randomized, double-blind controlled studies are warranted.