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An Evaluation of the Impact of
Educational Programming on Employee Disability
Landy S, Brookfield RB, et al.
Posted: December 2003  
Headache & Pain 2003;14(4):156-160

Objective:   To determine the impact of an educational program on headache disability, on-the-job productivity, and absenteeism in a group of employees who suffer from headaches.

Methods:   A total of 268 company employees with headaches participated in 3 hour-long lunchtime educational programs regardless of whether they had ever received a headache diagnosis from a physician. These programs were conducted by a neurologist, a psychologist, and a registered nurse who had expertise in headache management. The programs were designed to offer headache sufferers information about the impact of headache and its diagnosis, as well as lifestyle and pharmacologic treatment options and preventive measures.

Outcome:   This study demonstrates that worksite-based educational initiatives can decrease headache-related disability.