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Comparison of Rizatriptan and Non-triptan Medications
in the Treatment of Migraine: a US Pharmacy-Based Study
Cady, R.K., et al
Posted July 2003  
Presented at: 45th Annual Scientific Meeting
American Headache Society June 19-22, 2003; Chicago, Illinois

Objectives:  To compare the effectiveness of rizatriptan to other non-triptan medications in the relief of migraine headache in real-world settings.

Background / Methods:  Although rizatriptan has been shown to provide effective relief of migraine symptoms in clinical trials, limited data exist directly comparing its effectiveness with non-triptan medications. Migraineurs aged 18-55 who had been prescribed a new anti-migraine drug (rizatriptan 10 mg. or non-triptan oral medications) were recruited to participate in the study through a national retail pharmacy chain. Participants completed a baseline questionnaire at the enrollment and reported their treatment experiences by filling out the treatment diary after using the newly prescribed medication.

Conclusions:  Rizatriptan was significantly more effective than non-triptans in the relief of migraine headaches in a real-world environment.