The Burden of Migraine

Cephalgia has published an article discussing the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Survey ranking migraine as the 7th highest specific cause of disability globally (based upon ictal disability, i.e. during migraine attack). This is an important recognition for migraine...

Higher Stroke Risk Linked With Lack of Sleep

Results from a three year study recently presented at the Sleep 2012 Conference in Boston indicate that a lack of sleep and higher stroke risk may be connected to one another. Adults who routinely get less than 6 hours of sleep a night are 4 times more likely to...

Trans Fats Linked to Postmenopausal Stroke Risk

Taking data from the largest study to date of the eating habits of postmenopausal women, University of North Carolina researchers compared stroke incidence and the intake of trans-fatty acids among 87,025 women ages 50-79.  The study suggests another reason to avoid...
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