Ramp Up The Omega-3s for Brain Health

Our brains need a certain amount of fat to function well. Fats provide energy, help the body absorb essential vitamins, and protect nerve cells and connections. The body doesn’t produce all of the fatty acids it needs, however, so we have to add those to our...

Going “Nuts” for Nuts

Nuts have become a “go to” snack for lots of people. They provide an economical source of protein, and nearly all types of nuts have heart-healthy benefits. They contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to prevent irregular heart...

Can Supplements Improve Brain Power?

Consumer Reports has a recent article describing a supplement callled BrainStrong that touts itself as being “clinically shown to improve adult memory.” The kids version “helps support your child’s brain development.” They have a line of...
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