New Drug Coming…..

Hopefully there is a new formulation of sumatriptan(brand=Imitrex) is a skin patch of sumatriptan, that is a relatively low dose, few side effects…it lasts a long time, maybe very good for long, prolonged migraines. The only side effect that is...

Abortives For Cluster Headache

The main abortives for clusters remain:  triptans (Imitrex, Maxalt, etc.),  oxygen  analgesics  lidocaine nasal spray  ergots. Triptans do work the best, particularly Imitrex injections (many cluster sufferers get by with 2 or 3mg, which is half of a vial).  Oxygen,...

Newer Triptans

Several new triptans (Imitrex-type meds) have come on the market in the past year and a half;  Axert (almotriptan) came out 1.5 years ago, and more recently Frova.  There are pluses and minuses to each. Axert is relatively mild, with very few chest symptoms;  it is...
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