Emerging Therapies in Acute Migraine Treatment

In a recent article in Neurology Reviews, several new formulations and delivery systems for acute migraine medications which have been developed and are in clinical trials or awaiting approval were discussed. At the Headache cooperative of New England’s 21st...

Newer Triptans

Several new triptans (Imitrex-type meds) have come on the market in the past year and a half;  Axert (almotriptan) came out 1.5 years ago, and more recently Frova.  There are pluses and minuses to each. Axert is relatively mild, with very few chest symptoms;  it is...

Weight Gain and Headache Meds

A recent study investigated this important subject;  even if a headache med. works, nobody is happy if they gain 30lb.  Surprisingly, Prozac topped the list of weight gainers;  even more than the tricyclic nortryptylline.  Depakote did, as we know, cause weight gain,...
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