WHAT IS KRATOM?:Kratom is from the(same name) Indonesian tree; the leaves contain the active substances that, for centuries, people have used(and abused). In the US, Kratom has grown in use, but it’s legal status is iffy; the DEA(Ug 2016) issued a letter with the intent to re-classify it as Schedule I(along with LSD, heroin), but now has backed off and will decide in a month or 2. Kratom is still legal(most states), and is obtained on the internet. Kratom is legal in many countries.
The effects are: in lower doses, mild stimulation(like caffeine); higher doses: mild sedation, and euphoria/lowers anxiety. Kratom does have serotonin/norepinephrine properties(like an antidepressant), and mu(and delta, and maybe kappa) opioid agonist effects, same as the opioids. Similar to tramadol(Ultram). Posibly NMDA properties9antagonism) as well,w which is important.
EFFECTS: The alkaloids from the leaves are numerous: mainly, mitragynine: and it’s metabolites. The half-life is 3 to 6 hours, usually it’s effect(depending upon the strain) is 2.5 to 8 hours. Metabolized thru liver(and ?elsewhere), 3A4 system(so there are interactions, such as: black pepper, grapefruit juice).
There are different strains, with varying properties and strengths: red, whit, green.(least to most powerful).
Kratom’s popularity points out the fact that: We have ALOT of anxiety, depression, pain, and basically not great brain chemistry around. Evolution has only gone half-way; anxiety, depression, fatigue are present in over 25% of the population. Do, if someone feels terrible, and there is a drug that helps, I am not going to judge; However: it is better to see a doctor, and therapists(and exercise, etc.), get on legal, well-studies and controlled meds, and not self-medicate.
SIDE EFFECTS OF KRATOM: The usual opioid effects occur(tiredness, constipation), and also some antidepressant effects(decrease in sex drive, emotionally “flat” etc)….Withdrawal may occur, as with any addicting drug. Hallucinations and psychosis have been observed, along with other psychiatric effects. However, usually Kratom is well tolerated; addiction/dependence is a major concern.
KRATOM VS. OTHER STREET DRUGS: Certainly there are other much more dangerous drugs(heroin, and all of the newer opioid types (many from China), fentanyl-analogues, very dangerous). Howeve, self-medicating, whether with alcohol(most common), heroin, or Kratom, is just not a great idea. But, the anecdotes from thousands who have used Kratom,(it saved me…I finally feel normal again……it allows me to function….etc….) are heart rendering and compelling….but better to see a professional…….

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