Hi–my name is Shari. I have the honor of being a guest blogger on Dr. Robbin’s site. Doctor has asked me to share my almost 30 year “migraine journey”–starting from one migraine a year, building to a severe period, morphing to chronic and finally today–to Botox. I hope, by writing, I can bring to you what I have learned, inspire you and be there for you if you have questions or want to exchange experiences. Some of the topics will be: finding your migraine doctor, “making” friends with your drugstore, inspiring people, diet, anxiety issues and ways to deal with migraine.
my email is always “open” to you–shari@me-n-buddy.com
In the next posting, I will begin with a little of my history and finding the doctor, that can be your true and “calm” companion thru this “headache” experience. til later–thank you–with hearts, Shari

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