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Date Posted:

ADHD in children with primary headache
Ravid S, Genizi J, Shahar E
Pediatric Neurology Unit, Meyer Childrenís Hospital, Ramban Campus, Haifa, Israel
December 2010
From the VII International Conference on Headache in Children and Adolescents, Istanbul, Turkey; May 2008

Objective:  To assess the incidence of attention deficit disorder in children with headache, and their relation to headache type.

Methods:  121 children, aged 6-16 years, presenting for primary headache throughout a 1 year period were included in the study. Charts were reviewed for headache characteristics and diagnosis based on iCHD-i criteria, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, learning disabilities and school performance.

Results:  From the cohort of 121 children, 31 children (25%) were diagnosed with ADHD and 19 (16%) with learning disability. 72 children had tension-type headache and 49 had migraine. The diagnosis of ADHD was more common in children with tension type headache compared to children with migraine (32% vs. 14%; p<0.001) Results were similar for children with and without stimulant treatment. No significant differences were found between the headache type groups regarding associated learning disabilities.

Conclusion:  Our results suggest association between attention deficit disorder and headache in children. Association is more common in children with tension type headache.

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