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Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome and Their
Association with Migraine Headache
Martin VT, Wernke S, Mandell K, et al.
Posted: February 2006  
Headache 2006

Objectives:  To determine the association between the severity of premenstrual (PMS) symptoms and headache outcome measures during natural menstrual cycles and after medical oophorectomy.

Background:   Premenstrual syndrome may occur in 64% of those with pure menstrual migraine and 33% of those with menstrually related migraine. Few past studies have examined the relationship between the severity of PMS symptoms and migraine headaches.

Methods:   Data were obtained from a 6.5 month randomized-controlled trial examining the role of medical oophorectomy in the prevention of migraine headache. All participants completed a daily diary recording the severity of PMS symptoms and headache outcome measures. The primary outcome measures were the PMS index and the headache index.

Conclusions:   Moderate correlations exist within female migraineurs between the severity of PMS symptoms and headache outcome measures throughout natural menstrual cycles as well as after medical oophorectomy. Our data would suggest that the presence and severity of headache might modulate PMS symptoms in female migraineurs.