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Droperidol in the Emergency Department: Is It Safe?
Richards JR, Schneir AB
Posted: April 2004  
J Emerg Med. 2003;24:441-447

Droperidol is an antipsychotic and antiemetic drug that has been used extensively by Emergency Physicians, Psychiatrists and Anesthesiologists worldwide since 1967. It also has been used effectively for other diverse conditions, such as treatment of headache and vertigo. As of January 2001, Droperidol was no longer available in Europe after its founder, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, discontinued its distribution. In December 2001, the Untied States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed a black box warning on the use of Droperidol in response to an association between Droperidol and fatal cardiac dysrhythmias. In this review we closely examine the pharmacology, indications, use, and complications associated with Droperidol, and speculate on its future use in the Emergency Department.