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Effect of Triptans on the Quality of Life of Patients with Migraine
Lisa K. Mannix, M.D.
Posted: March 2003  
Headache Quarterly 2002; 13.3:11-21

Objective:   To discuss the effect of the triptans on the quality of life of patients with migraine.

Data Source:   Medline search of articles from 1981 to 2001.

Data Synthesis:  Studies have consistently demonstrated a significantly higher quality of life among patients treated with a triptan compared with those given traditional migraine medications.

Conclusion:  The impact of migraine on many quality-of-life variables can be similar to that of other chronic conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes. Patients with migraine who are treated with a triptan, a newer class of drugs specifically designed to treat migraine, may experience improved quality of life compared with those given older migraine medications.