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Triptan Prescribing in a Tertiary Headache
Center Population: Cardiac Risks, Cardiac
Evaluation, and Ethics of Prescribing to Those at
Loretta Muller DO, et al.
Presented at: 45th Annual Scientific Meeting
American Headache Society

June 19-22, 2003; Chicago, Illinois

Objectives: The purpose of the study was to investigate cardiac risk factors in a population of migraineurs at a tertiary headache center, document testing performed to achieve a comfort level for the physician prescribing triptans, and discuss the ethics and decision-making in prescribing vasoconstrictors to patients potentially at risk for cardiac events.

Conclusions: Triptan use may be justified in a refractory migraine population with cardiac risk factors. Ethical implications of withholding therapy that improves quality of life will be discussed. It is believed, but not proven, that cardiac risk factors increase the probability of serious cardiovascular events with triptan use. An appropriate cardiovascular evaluation for these patients has not been defined. Further study on this topic may increase comfort levels in triptan prescribing and improve patient care.