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Sumatriptan 50 mg. Consistently Relieves Migraine with "Sinus"
Symptoms over Multiple Attacks
Hutchinson S., et al.
Posted July 2003
Presented at: 45th Annual Scientific Meeting
American Headache Society
June 19-22, 2003; Chicago, Illinois

Objectives:  Secondary study objectives assessed the efficacy of sumatriptan 50 mg. tablets in the open treatment of "sinus" headaches in subjects whose headaches fulfilled diagnostic criteria for migraine with or without aura.

Conclusions:  88% of patients presenting with self-described "sinus" headache meet criteria for migraine-type headache. 80% fulfilled IHS criteria for migraine with or without aura. During open-label treatment with sumatriptan 50 mg. over 3 attacks, sumatriptan was effective in migraine with "sinus" symptoms. Both "sinus" and migraine symptoms responded consistently over 3 attacks. Patients were satisfied with sumatriptan 50 mg.