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Sumatriptan Subcutaneous Injection for the Treatment
of Morning Migraine: Results from the Sumatriptan Naratriptan
Aggregate Patient (SNAP) Database
Aurora SK, Lipton RB, Diener H, et.al.
Posted August 2002
Headache 2002; 42:390

Objective: To assess the efficacy of sumatriptan 6 mg. subcutaneous (sc) injection for the treatment of morning migraine in adult migraineurs.

Results: The data set included 1078 morning migraine attacks and 1646 non-morning migraine attacks from 9 studies. Pain-free relief was defined as a reduction of moderate/severe pain at baseline to no pain. At 1 and 2 hours postdose, significantly more morning migraines treated with sumatriptan 6 mg. sc achieved pain-free relief compared to placebo. Pain-free relief at 1 and 2 hours following sumatriptan 6 mg sc and placebo was similar for migraines treated at other times of the day.

Conclusions: Sumatriptan 6 mg sc injection provides pain-free relief for morning migraines in adult migraineurs. Because morning migraines have often progressed to moderate/severe intensity before they can be treated, the fast onset of sumatriptan sc injection offers a practical alternative to oral therapy. Sumatriptan sc is as effective for morning migraine as it is for migraine at other times of the day.