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Sumatriptan: Economic Evidence for its use
in the Treatment of Migraine, the
Canadian Comparative Economic Analysis
G Caro, D Getsios, etal.
Posted: January 2003  
Cephalalgia 2001; 21:12-19

The objective of this study was to evaluate economic and health effects of sumatriptan relative to customary therapy in Canada. The relationship between treatment and functionality was established based on analysis of existing data from a multinational study. A Monte Carlo model was developed to simulate 1 year for each of customary therapy and six sumatriptan formulations. Costs are expressed in 1998 Canadian dollars. Sumatriptan is expected to reduce the time spent with migraine symptoms and resulting time lost. Under customary therapy, the annual cost of lost time is estimated at $1973. With sumatriptan, these costs ranged from $882 with subcutaneous sumatriptan to $1254 with nasal sumatriptan 10 mg., saving $719-$1091 in the annual cost of time lost. All these benefits are expected to be obtained at an additional drug cost ranging from $1889 for subcutaneous sumatriptan to $605 for sumatriptan suppository. The cost of sumatriptan treatment is significantly offset by a substantial reduction of costs associated with time lost due to migraine symptoms.