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A Special Extract from Petasites Hybrid Root
is Effective as a Preventive Treatment for Migraine
Lipton RB, Gobel H, Wilkes K, Mauskop A
Posted September 2002
Headache 2002; 42:406

Objective: &nbps;Extracts from Petasites plants have been used for over one thousand years for therapeutic purposes in traditional medicine. This study presents the results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study that evaluates the standardized extract from Petasites root as a preventive therapy for patients with migraine.

Methods: &nbps;Patients (19 to 65 years) with an established IHS migraine diagnosis were eligible for the study if they had at least 3 attacks per month, over the preceding 3 months. 245 migraine patients were recruited for participation and randomized to either 50 mg BID, 75 mg BID, or placebo BID for prevention of migraine. Participants enrolled in a 4-week baseline run-in period and then entered a 16-week treatment period. For participation in the 16-week treatment period, patients were required to have at least 2 attacks during the baseline phase.

Conclusions: &nbps;One previous smaller placebo-controlled study reported that a low dose of Petasites extract, 50 mg BID, signifantly reduced the number of migraine attacks per month and the number of migraine days per month. This study further supports this previous report and suggests that a 75 mg dosing regimen also confers therapeutic benefits.