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Frovatriptan: Patient Preference and Efficacy in
Migraine Early Intervention
Cady R, Elkind A, Keywood C.
Posted August 2002
Headache 2002;42:391

Background and Objectives: In studies of moderate to severe migraine, frovatriptan has demonstrated consistent efficacy with a long duration of action. Preliminary data from open-label studies indicated that frovatriptan used early provided more rapid relief with no effect on migraine recurrence. This study sought to compare early use of frovatriptan with placebo and also with frovatriptan used later in the migraine attack.

Conclusions: Early use of frovatriptan results in a higher, earlier and greater sustained pain-free response and can prevent patients from progressing to moderate or severe headache. The overall pain burden of the attack is reduced and the patients have less functional disability. Hence, migraine patients demonstrated a distinct preference for early use of frovatriptan.