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Frovatriptan: A Review of Low 24-Hour Headache
Recurrence Rates
J.L. Brandes, Nashville Neuroscience Group
Posted August 2002
Headache 2002;42:390

Although the triptans have proved effective in acute treatment of migraine attacks, headache recurrence remains a problem. Up to 40% of patients taking sumatriptan, 28% taking naratriptan, 40-47% taking rizatriptan, and approximately 30% taking zolmitriptan have experienced recurrence of their migraine headache within 24 hours.

Frovatriptan, recently approved by the FDA for the acute treatment of migraine, has a prolonged duration of action, with a half-life of 26 hours. This characteristic may have a bearing on reducing headache recurrence following dosing with frovatriptan.

24-hour recurrence rates in five pivotal studies and a long-term safety study were consistently low. In conclusion, frovatriptan has consistently demonstrated a low 24-hour recurrence rate in both a placebo-controlled and an open-label environment. Frovatriptan expands the clinical treatment options, particularly for those patients who are at risk of headache recurrence.