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Blood-Pressure Monitors
Lawrence Robbins, M.D., &
Trupti Gokani, M.D.
Posted September 2003

Please note: This article was posted some time ago, and some information may no longer be current.


We recommend that you check blood pressure frequently, at least several times per week. The arm cuffs are the most reliable blood pressure monitors while the ones that go on the wrist are not consistently reliable. Most pharmacies will carry blood pressure monitors, and also you can find them at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. The following are 4 monitors that have been reviewed by Consumer Reports. If you have a large arm, it may be necessary to order a large blood pressure cuff. A cuff that is too small will give you an artificially inflated blood pressure, and it will always seem as if your blood pressure is too high with that cuff.

These monitors are automatically inflating, and very easy to use. It is best to check the blood pressure at a consistent time during the day, possibly early morning, as blood pressure tends to be higher early in the morning.

Omron Automatic BPM with Intellisense HEM-711AC (Arm)
Omron Automatic BPM HEM-712C (Arm)
ReliOn (Wal-Mart) Automatic BPM HEM-741CREL (Arm)
Lifesource One Step Auto-Inflation BPM UA-767V (Arm) Best Buy