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Amerge (Naratriptan)
Posted Feb 2001

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Information on Amerge   (Posted March 1998)

Information (March 1998)
Amerge (Naratriptan) is a new 'triptan' from Glaxo Wellcome. It is coming out this month (March 1998) in the U.S., having been in other parts of the world for awhile.  Naratriptan is relatively quick acting (it is a tablet), and fairly long lasting. Amerge is as well tolerated as the other triptans in it's class; the longer acting aspect is a definite plus. Actually, studies are indicating that Amerge is better tolerated than the other triptans, but we will see with more clinical experience. Amerge may be useful in actually preventing the severe menstrual migraines. For this purpose it will be used as a once per day preventive to take for several days during or before the menses. Amerge does not seem to cause the rebound headaches that are seen in some other triptans, and one 2.5mg tablet is almost always enough. Good response rates, for excellent pain relief, are about 60% to 65% at 4 hours, and this relief is sustained over a long period of time. Amerge is actually out in the United States, just having been released.  The doses are 1mg and 2.5mg.the 2.5mg dose is the most effective, and will be (by far) the most widely used. The cost of Amerge is about 14 dollars per tablet, sold in packets of 9. The cost of the 1mg and 2.5mg tablets are about the same.