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Medication Use in Adolescents with Migraine
Winner P, Gladstein J, Hershey AD
Posted September 2002
Headache 2002; 42:402

Objective:  To describe the type and effectiveness of medications used by adolescents with migraine.

Methods:  We used a clinician-administered patient questionnaire to retrospectively gather data on the type and effectiveness of medications that had been used by adolescent migraineurs who were currently being treated with rizatriptan at 3 headache clinics with pediatric expertise. The questionnaire was also designed to gather data on migraine characteristics, patient demographics and the effect of migraine on schooling and other activities.

Conclusions:  We concluded that adolescent patients with migraine are treated with a variety of medications but that the triptans appear to be more effective than the non-triptan drugs in patients who are poor responders to non-triptans. Further research to clarify this issue is recommended.