The Risks and Myths of Dehydration

The Risks and Myths of Dehydration

Truth to tell, sometimes I don’t follow my own advice, and when I suffer the consequences, I rediscover why I offer it. I’ve long recommended drinking plenty of water, perhaps a glass with every meal and another glass or two between meals. If not plan...

New Study Suggests Green Tea Boosts Memory

A study led by Stefan Borgwardt, MD, PhD, from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Basel, Switzerland, showed that drinking a green tea extract strengthens memory performance. Researchers suggested that this finding may have implications for the treatment of...

Boosting Your Memory Power

Here are some simple steps to a stronger memory…. 1. Walk with a friend. Psychiatrist Gary Small, M.D., calls this a “triple threat” against Alzheimer’s disease. You get a cardiovascular workout, stress-relieving social interaction, and...

How Facebook Can Improve Memory of Older Adults

Apparently, from sunset March 1 to sunset March 2 was National Day of Unplugging. Reboot, a nonprofit organization urged everyone to take a pledge to avoid technology for 24 hours – allowing us to take a mental break from smartphones, laptops and other gadgets....
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