Frequent Causes of Memory Slips

Haven’t most of us who have entered middle age wondered at times if we are having a “senior moment?” A recent article in Harvard Men’s Health Watch suggests we not let the stress of worrying about memory slips actually contribute to them. The...

Coping With Pain Through Nature

The following are testimonials by two people who have dealt with physical and emotional pain through nature – simply by hanging a bird feeder outside their windows… -I’ve always enjoyed watching birds and wildlife, even as a young child. I was...

The Positive and Negative Sides to Coffee

Coffee has been in the news a lot lately… and mostly in a good way. New research reports that people over the age of 65 who drank 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day were more apt to postpone or prevent the development of Alzheimer’s. Study leader Chunhai Cao,...
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