Coronavirus Blog #6

There are a few nice things(trying to find a silver lining) about Covid-land: traffic, our lives are sometimes simpler, much less scheduled, more laid back. Of course, many more bad things but…. We learn new things daily: 1. you should have a pulse oximeter...

Coronavirus Blog #5

There are many questions about this virus, we have some of the answers but not enough. Newer developments; turns out diabetes is an enormous risk factor, while asthma is not. The virus attacks the cells in the pancreas, and they are seeing blood sugars in the 800 or...

Talking about COVID on Radio Today

If you are bored, at 4PM or so central time I will be on 820 AM(Joan Esposito show) talking about COVID……mostly my experience with it…there are a lot of aspects to this virus we do not know about: the prevalence of loss of sense of smell is very...
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