High School Start Time and Migraine

In this cross-sectional observational study with 256 students, researchers explored whether a later high school start time was correlated with lower migraine frequency in high school students with migraine. Using social media, participants were recruited nationally....

Aimovig Side Effects

This is a new letter to the editor that I wrote, in the journal Headache; these newer CGRP meds are marvelous for many patients, but the true side effect profile is just evolving: (LETTER FROM THE JOURNAL HEADACHE, JULY, 2019: LAWRENCE ROBBINS,M.D.) Erenumab, the...


   Dr Robbins & CGRP Part I We were privileged to have Dr. Lawrence Robbins doing a Facebook Live Chat in our group on May 21, 2019. Dr Robbins talked about the CGRP Medications one year after the first medication was FDA approved, and answered questions about how...

CGRP Discussion Dr. Robbins

Dr Larry Robbins from the Robbins Headache Clinic answers questions in a Facebook Live Chat for the CGRP & Migraine Community Group. FAQs from migraine patients about the CGRP medications one year after the first one was FDA approved, and information on how...
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