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Cognitive Symptoms in Patients with Posttraumatic Headache
Packard RC, Weaver R, Ham LP
January 2010
Headache  1993;33:365-368

A variety of symptoms (postconcussion symptoms) have been consistently reported following mild head or neck injury. One symptom which may have been under-reported is cognitive impairment. We conducted a retrospective study of 100 patients presenting for evaluation and treatment of posttraumatic headache at our headache clinic. Sixty-five percent reported difficulties with either memory, concentration, and/or thinking. The most common cognitive symptoms reported were concentration and memory problems, concentration and memory and thinking difficulties, concentration disturbances, and difficulty remembering, respectively. Subjects in both groups (with cognitive symptoms and without cognitive symptoms) were similar in age, but females seemed more predisposed than males to cognitive impairment following mild head injury. It is suggested that clinicians thoroughly evaluate patients for cognitive symptoms, particularly when patients have a permanent condition and are subsequently involved in litigation.

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