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Magnesium as a Preventive Treatment for
Pediatric Episodic Tension-type
Headache: Results at 1-year follow-up
Grazzi L, Andrasik F, et al.
Posted: June 2008  
Neurol Sci.  2007;28:148-150

The objective was to confirm the long-term utility of magnesium salts treatment on a group of young patients suffering from episodic tension-type headache (ETTH). The study was carried out with 45 children/adolescents with ETTH reporting consecutively for treatment. Magnesium pidolate was given twice per day for 3 months. Medication was not administered during the year of follow-up. No other treatment was provided at any time. Patients showed significant symptom reduction. Headache days decreased by 69.9%, whereas analgesics consumption was reduced by 65.4%. Overall disability levels improved by the greatest percent – 75%. Migraine disability assessment subscores improved as well. Although uncontrolled, these findings are encouraging and suggest that further, better controlled research investigations are warranted.