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Prevalence of Vertigo, Dizziness and Migrainous Vertigo
in Patients with Migraine
Vlasta Vukovic, MD; Davor Plavec, MD, PhD;
Ivana Galinovic, MD; Arijana Lovrencic-Huzjian, MD, PhD;
Mislav Budisic, MD; Vida Demarin, MD, PhD
Posted: April 2008  
Headache 2007;47:1427-1435

Objective:   The aim of the study was to determine the lifetime prevalence of vertigo and dizziness in patients with migraine as compared with controls and to establish the lifetime prevalence of migrainous vertigo.

Background:   Dizziness and vertigo are relatively frequent complaints in general population; however, the prevalence of migrainous vertigo has not been extensively studied so far.

Methods:   The study included 327 migraine patients and 324 controls who do not suffer from frequent headaches. The study and control group were assessed clinically and through diagnostic workup for having vertigo, dizziness, hypotension and sideropenic anemia.

Results:   Vertigo or dizziness was experienced by 51.7% of migraine patients (MVL group) and 31.5% in the control group (CVL group), P<.0001. Among the MVL group, 23.2% of patients met the criteria for migrainous vertigo. There was no difference between the MVL group and the CVL group in frequency of attacks or the pattern of symptom appearance in relation to head movement. Patients in the MVL group more frequently had hypotension, P=.011. Patients with migraine with aura significantly more often had migraine attacks in association with vertigo or dizziness, P<.0001.

Conclusion:   The lifetime prevalence of migrainous vertigo is relatively frequent in migraine patients, especially in migraine with aura.