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Comorbidity of Migraine and Headache Associated with
Sexual Activity
Biehl K, Evers S, Frese A.
Posted: May 2008  
Cephalalgia  2007;27:1271-1273

In order to investigate the comorbidity of migraine and headache associated with sexual activity (HSA), we performed a case-control study based on migraine patients. By means of a questionnaire and a personal interview, 100 migraine patients and 100 control subjects were examined regarding a diagnosis of HSA. In 5 subjects from the migraine group vs. none from the control group, a diagnosis of HSA could be established. Previous studies that have demonstrated comorbidity of migraine and HSA were all based on HSA patients. Thus, it can now be concluded that the association between the 2 headache disorders is bilateral. In addition, the prevalence of HSA in the general population can be estimated to average around at least 0.9%, which concurs with previously published data.