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Venlafaxine Versus Amitriptyline in the
Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine: Randomized,
double-blind, crossover study
Bulut S, Berilgen MS, et al.
Posted: January 2006  
Clin Neurol Neurosurg 2004;107:44-48

In patients with migraine with or without aura the prophylactic effect of amitriptyline (AMT) and venlafaxine (VLF) was compared in a randomized double-blind crossover study. Intolerable side effects resulted in drop out of five patients on AMT and one patient on VLF. Following the run-in period the patients were randomly treated with one of the study medications for 12 weeks. After a wash-out period lasting 4 weeks, the patients were treated with the other drug for further 12 weeks. Both drugs had significant beneficial effect on pain parameters. Total number of side effects of VLF was low when compared with the side-effect profile of AMT. In conclusion, it is suggested that VLF may be considered for the prophylaxis of migraine because of its low and/or tolerable side-effect properties.