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A Prospective Double-Blind Study of
Nasal Sumatriptan Versus IV Ketorolac in Migraine
Meredith JT, Wait S, Brewer KL.
Posted: March 2004  
Am J Emerg Med.2003;21:173-175

We conducted a study to compare the efficacy in migraine headache of nasal sumatriptan and intravenous ketorolac. The study was a prospective, double-blind study done with a convenience sample of 29 patients presenting to the emergency department with acute migraine. Patients received either 20 mg. of nasal sumatriptan or 30 mg. of intravenous ketorolac. Patients scored the severity of their headache on a 100-mm visual analog scale (VAS) of pain prior to medication, and again 1 hour after medication. Differences between initial and 1-hour scores were analyzed. Before treatment, no difference existed between the groups in the intensity of headache. One hour after medication, the sumatriptan group had a decrease in pain score of 22.937 mm and the ketorolac group a decrease of 71.462 mm on the VAS. The decrease in pain score with ketorolac was significantly greater than that with sumatriptan. The study therefore showed that both sumatriptan and ketorolac effectively reduced the pain associated with acute migraine headache, but that intravenous ketorolac produced a greater reduction in pain than did nasal sumatriptan.