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Headaches in Women Undergoing in Vitro
Fertilization and Embryo-Transfer Treatment
Ben-Yehuda Amir, Bentov Yaacov, et al.
Posted: April 2005  
Headache 2005;45:215-219

Background:   In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer has become a common therapeutic modality in modern fertility medicines. Treatment protocols are associated with exaggerated hormonal fluctuations in order to promote multiple follicular development and support of embryo survival. Estrogen is considered to be closely linked to migraine, and its extreme serum level fluctuations have been considered to trigger migrainous headaches.

Objective:   To assess the prevalence, nature, and timing of headache attacks during the course of in vitro fertilization and embryo-transfer treatments.

Conclusions:   In vitro fertilization and embryo-transfer treatment might be associated with various degrees of headache. This is mostly observed in patients with migraine headache background.