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Headache Management Program Improves
Outcome For Chronic Headache
Harpole LH, Samsa GP, Jurgelski AE, et al
Posted: November 2003  
Headache 2003;43:715-724

Objective:   To determine the feasibility of developing a headache management program and to assess the outcomes of patients referred to the program for treatment of chronic headache.

Background:   Effective headache treatment requires that the patient receives the correct headache diagnosis; that appropriate acute and, if indicated, preventive medications be prescribed; and that the patient receives adequate education, including headache self-management skills.

Conclusions:  A headache management program was successfully established. Patients referred to the program experienced significant improvement in headache-related disability and functional health status and reported greater satisfaction with care. Even so, these results were obtained at one site and in a small sample that was not randomized. We currently are conducting a randomized controlled trial to better evaluate the clinical and financial impact of a headache management program for patients with chronic headache.