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Long-Term Effects of Migraine on Cognitive
Function: A Population-Based Study of
Danish Twins
Gaist D, Pedersen L, Madsen C, et al.
Posted: November 2005  
Neurology 2005;64:600-607

Objective:   To investigate the cognitive functioning of migraineurs versus non migraineurs in a large population-based sample of middle-aged twins where headache diagnoses were established by neurologists.

Methods:  Twins participated in face-to-face structured interviews, which included cognitive tests and two previously validated questions screening for migraine. Cognitive scores on fluency, digit span, delayed word recall, and symbol digit substitution test were compared between migraineurs and nonmigraineurs.

Results:  Average scores on cognitive tests in twins with migraine or one of the migraine subtypes did not differ from those of nonmigraineurs in any of the tests.

Conclusion:   A lifetime diagnosis of migraine was not associated with cognitive deficits in middle-aged subjects.