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Posttraumatic Headache: Biopsychosocial
Comparisons with Multiple Control Groups
Tatrow K, Blanchard EB, Hickling EJ, Silverman DJ
Posted: November 2003  
Headache 2003;43:755-766

Objective:   This study examined somatic, psychological, and cognitive functioning of subjects with posttraumatic headache in comparison with multiple control groups.

Background:   Posttraumatic headache is not as widely studied as other forms of headache (e.g., tension-type, migraine). Previous research has suggested poor psychological functioning in patients with posttraumatic headache in comparison with other groups of patients with pain; however, this group has yet to be compared with a group of persons who have experienced trauma but are headache-free.

Conclusions:   This study confirmed the distress seen in this understudied population of persons with headache and highlights areas of focus for proper assessment and treatment of those with headache and who have had an accident.