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Pain-Related Acceptance and Physical Impairment
in Individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain
K. Vowles, D. McNeil, R. Gross, et al.
Posted: September 2005  
Journal of Pain, Vol. 6, March 2005

Treatments using acceptance-based approaches have been utilized for a variety of health care concerns with data regarding their application to a chronic pain population recently emerging. Acceptance of chronic pain is related to psychosocial constructs generally (e.g., depression, pain-related anxiety); however, its relation to the overt behavioral variables associated with such states remains unevaluated. The present investigation assessed the specific effects of an acceptance-based versus control-based instructional set on demonstrated physical impairment in 74 individuals with chronic low back pain.

The results lend further support to the value of acceptance in actual patient behavior, as well as the ability of a relatively simple acceptance-based intervention to improve functioning over the short term in a sample of individuals with chronic pain.