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Needle Acupuncture in Tension-type Headache:
A randomized, placebo-controlled study
Karst M, Reinhard M, etal.
Posted May 2002
Cephalalgia 2001; 21:637-642

Objective: A study with needle acupuncture was performed in tension-type headache employing a new placebo acupuncture.

Method: Sixty-nine patients (mean age 48.1 years, SD=14.1) fulfilling the International Headache Society criteria for tension-type headache were randomly assigned to verum or placebo condition. No significant differences between placebo and verum with respect to visual analogue scale and frequency of headache attacks could be observed immediately, 6 weeks, and 5 months after the end of treatment. There was a significant but weak improvement in quality of life parameters (clinical global impressions, Nottingham Health Profile) after verum treatment. In decision-tree analyses, the changes in clinical global impressions and headache frequency depended significantly on primary headache frequency with a limit value of 24.5 days headache per month. High values in the von Zerssen Depression Score resulted in high mean visual analog scale values.